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About Us

Why We Volunteer to Save Our Climate and Who We Are

As a small family, we are deeply concerned about our climate emergency.  This election is pivotal as we are running out of time to take the best actions to Save Our Climate.  While the presidency and who controls the Senate are crucial to passing legislation, all other federal, state and local candidates are also important so that we most effectively work together from our communities all the way up.   


Our varied experiences merged to design this website. Catherine, 29, is an Associate Scientist in genetics research, who engages in research looking at the relationship between health and genetics, and Devon, 32, is a Solution Engineer working with businesses to digitize paper based processes.  Steve, a retired attorney, higher education leadership gifts director, and now philanthropy consultant, has  significant background in multigenerational family communication and goal-setting.  This is at the heart of his volunteer social justice training with young people and others in climate crisis communication and actions. 


This is our first time building a website.  We wish to thank our extended family, friends and colleagues for their invaluable and caring feedback and ideas.

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