Make a list of family and friends living in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

These six electoral states will decide the November election and are crucial to our fight against Climate Change.


Contact these individuals and encourage them to vote for candidates who support climate action in federal, state and local elections.

Helpful Step-by-Step Tips to Guide Your Conversation

1. When it fits in the conversation, share your concern about climate change and taking action. Briefly mention Joe Biden’s and Democrats’ climate and jobs action plan.


2. If it feels appropriate, follow up with questions surrounding their feelings on climate change and its impacts. For example, have they noticed changes in weather patterns, or an increase in severe fires and floods?


3. If they share your concern:

  • Ask if they are registered to vote. If they are not, they can do so here.

  • Ask if they plan to vote for federal, state and local candidates who support climate action.

  • Ask if they’re willing to reach out to family and friends in these states to join with them in doing so (using this step-by-step conversation guide you’ll send to them).

4. If they don’t express concern:


5. Whatever takes place, follow up by email thanking them. If they will be contacting their family members and friends, include this guide to help in their conversations, and for them to forward to others.


6. Ahead of the election, if appropriate, touch base to thank them and check in.

Time is short. Please share this with family and friends who may be interested in using it as a guide to contact others in the 6 states.