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Invitation to You

Stephen Weldon has designed a strategy to most effectively communicate the gravity, urgency and options available for taking climate crisis action.

He has been invited to share these strategies with a wide range of groups, from students to public and private sector professionals. He does so at no cost. 

About the Program

As a former attorney and succession planning consultant working with organizations, educators, and families, Steve developed this skill set which he now employs in climate volunteer leadership and actively shares with others. 


This training guides you on how to use and prioritize various types of questions, together with related, key communication skills. This technique takes the focus off you. Instead, the person you are engaging (“your partner’), immediately sees that you want to learn about them. You both share the value and enjoyment of this experience.


This training helps you accomplish the following in your conversations: 


  • Recognizes your partner; people love being asked questions and being heard!

  • Uncovers important information, including shared values and experiences 

  • Builds trust and your relationship–even if meeting for the first time!

  • Works with a wide range of people, groups and situations

This strategy positions you and your partner to best explore what climate action steps they would consider taking.


To discuss a possible training, contact Steve at wellwest13@gmail

Please provide a brief description of your group: its size, age range, location and, if you wish, your goal(s) for the training. Include your name, group position/title (if applicable), email and phone, and your open times for us to have a 10-15-minute telephone conference to discuss and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you,

Founder & Principal, Envision Climate℠                    

Climate Communication Training℠


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